Friday, July 7, 2017

Diapers and Diaper Rashes

As a New Momma you're probably debating on what brand of diapers to use. Its no secret that Huggies and Pampers are the top brands around and they are more expensive than other brands but sometimes cost isn't always a case. You can purchase cheaper brands because some babies don't poop or pee as much as other babies, so cheaper brands does the job pretty well. If you're a momma on a budget than cheaper brands would be your best option as well. If for some reason your baby develops a rash on the skin from a certain brand than you should definitely switch brands no matter if the price will go up. You can download buy and sell sites like Offer Up and get higher brand diapers for lower cost. The average person on buy and sell sites are looking for quick bucks and quick sells so you will most likely get a good deal for a cheaper price. Also take into consideration that it may be hard to find your babies size sometimes on buy and sell sites. Just go with your mother instincts and choose a diaper brand that's suitable for your pockets and your babies bottom. Don't beat yourself down if you can't afford expensive brands, it's okae. As long as your baby has diapers to put on you're the best momma ever. You can also try cloth diapers if you're and old fashioned momma and you'd prefer diapering baby in a more traditional way. You would definitely save money this way.

Diaper Rashers are pretty irritating and can be painful to babies depending on how severe the rash is but don't panic, its not uncommon and it happens sometimes. Certain things that cause diaper rashes is if you're not changing baby diaper frequent enough, diarrhea, etc . To prevent rashes you can change babies diaper as soon as baby poops or pees and you can also purchase diaper rash ointments that are for preventing rashes as well as healing them.

Desitin Maximum strength works really well and A and D ointments works well too. I'll post some links of those for the New Mommas.

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