Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Baby having Colic can be stressful for a New Momma and painful for baby. New Moms are already trying to cope with staying up late and baby having colic can keep moms up all through the night, depending on how much pain baby is in. Colic isn't something a New Momma has to necessarily go to the ER about. If your baby is crying excessively and your intuition tells you its probably colic, then you can probably solve this problem on your own. There are lot's of different brands of over the counter colic medicine. You can find it at your nearest drug store or grocery stores. Don't panic New Momma. Just follow your intuition. You will be able to tell if your baby is suffering from a pain that requires medical attention or something as simple as gas. Do your research on colic before baby is born to give you a better understanding of what colic is, so you won't waste a doctor's trip on something you can solve on your own. 

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