Thursday, July 6, 2017

Breast Feeding VS Bottle Feeding

Depending on a woman's life style she will know if breastfeeding or formula feeding is her best option. Some women work jobs that keeps them busy all the time so formula is their best option and some women are stay at home moms so breastfeeding is perfect for them. The list below will provide the perks of breastfeeding and the perks of formula feeding and you'll probably be able to make a decision of what's best for you and baby once you have read the list.

Breastfeeding Perks

  • You don't have to wake up and make bottles.
Whether you're a new momma or not, you've probably already heard from other women that you're going to be up during the night once you're home from the hospital with your new born baby. If you're not a stay up late kind of momma and you like to get your rest, than breastfeeding can possibly help you to get more rest. Reason being is once baby wakes up during the night to eat, making a bottle will make baby more fussy because baby has to wait instead of instantly eating. Making baby more fussy will make it harder to put baby back to sleep. Choosing to breastfeed will have milk ready for baby, all u have to do is turn baby on the side and turn on your side facing baby and simply insert nipple into babies mouth for feeding. This is very quick and it allows you to quickly feed baby without making baby real fussy. 

  • You don't have to pay for milk
If you're a momma on a budget, you're a teen momma, you're a momma who doesn't want to spend your money on formula, etc , then breastfeeding will be good for you. Its free of charge and as long as your baby is nursing your body will continue to produce milk. 

  • Its healthy for baby 
Breastfeeding is very healthy for baby. It has some nutrients that formula doesn't supply to baby. If you search "the benefits of breastfeeding" on the web, all sorts of important information will pop up for you. 

  • Your baby is born premature or any other developmental issues or illnesses 
If your baby is born with any complications, breastfeeding would be best for you, due to your body being able to supply the nutrients your baby will need. If this is your case 9 out of 10 your doctor will recommend breast milk for your baby. 

Formula Feeding Perks

  • You can pack up bottles of water and just add formula. 
If you're a momma on the go, formula might be your best option. All you have to do is pack up bottles with water and add the formula when your baby is ready to eat. You don't have to worry about freezing and thawing breast milk for your baby. You're on the go so you won't have time to do so. 

  • You can't breastfeed due to a health issue, your body stops producing enough milk, or etc. 
Formula would be your best option if for some reason this is your situation. 

  • You're a new momma and your baby is having trouble latching on or you are having trouble latching your baby on. For some reason you just cant get baby latched on properly once you leave the hospital. 

There are lots of more breastfeeding vs formula feeding tips but here are just some to help you with your suggestion on what will be best for you and baby. 

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