Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bath Time

Bath time can be fun, easy, hard, you name it. It all depends on baby. Most New Mommas may find it hard because its their first time bathing a baby and emotions are everywhere because they want to make sure the water is the right temperature, baby is comfortable, they're washing baby correctly, and lots of other worries. All of these concerns are important but its nothing to stress about. Below are a few tips to help you with bath time for baby.

  • Purchase baby tub thermometers to help make sure the water is the right temp, or if you're lucky you'll already have a baby tub that has a built in thermometer. 

  • Sing songs or talk to baby while giving baby a bath. Some babies aren't too happy when they are getting a bath so a soft song or soft words can help soothe baby while getting a bath. 

  • Purchase bath toys. A few squeaky ducks may catch babies attention in the tub. A ball or something you can shake and make noise may do the job too.

  • Don't forget to wash behind babies ears, under neck, under arms, or any creases. If you have a baby with a lot of creases be sure to wash in between those little creases. It can get pretty stinky in creases but don't worry it happens. Milk can get underneath babies neck or behind babies ears if baby drinks while laying down and when the milk gets trapped into creases it doesn't smell to well, so be sure to clean those spots. 
Those were just a few helpful tips. You're the New Momma so as times goes on you'll know exactly what to do for you and baby to be comfortable during bath time. 

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