Monday, July 17, 2017

Single New Momma

You're days away from being a new momma or you're already a new momma and you're feeling alone and depressed about the fact that you're going to be raising your baby alone. Don't be discouraged, don't blame yourself, and don't let your emotions get in the way of you being the best new momma you can be. It will be times you will cry because you want your baby to have a father figure in his or hers life or you just wish you had some extra help,  but who says that someday it won't happen? If you know in advance you're going to be raising your baby alone, surround yourself with positive and trusthworthy people that you know will help you with baby and also you won't have to worry if baby will get hurt in their care. Keep your mind open to the fact that their are a lot of people that can help you with baby and you can build a support system if you don't have one already. Continue to nurture baby and teach baby everything that you can. Don't think you will fail because you won't. Stay positive. It will be hard days and some days may be easy but its your strength that will help you pull through. Im married with 3 kids and me and my husband have it hard because we don't have a support system all we have is each other and the grace of God, so if things can be tough with a spouse to help I can imagine how it is with no spouse or anyone to help, that's why New Momma's website is here to encourage and build up a New Momma. A lot of single moms struggle everyday but its not a battle that we moms can't win. There are women with 5 kids that are doing well and they're raising their kids alone so I have hope for all single New Mommas. You can do it. Stay determined, focussed, and positive. Only you can make you fail, in other words, if you say you can't,  you won't, but if you say you can, you will. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Baby having Colic can be stressful for a New Momma and painful for baby. New Moms are already trying to cope with staying up late and baby having colic can keep moms up all through the night, depending on how much pain baby is in. Colic isn't something a New Momma has to necessarily go to the ER about. If your baby is crying excessively and your intuition tells you its probably colic, then you can probably solve this problem on your own. There are lot's of different brands of over the counter colic medicine. You can find it at your nearest drug store or grocery stores. Don't panic New Momma. Just follow your intuition. You will be able to tell if your baby is suffering from a pain that requires medical attention or something as simple as gas. Do your research on colic before baby is born to give you a better understanding of what colic is, so you won't waste a doctor's trip on something you can solve on your own. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bath Time

Bath time can be fun, easy, hard, you name it. It all depends on baby. Most New Mommas may find it hard because its their first time bathing a baby and emotions are everywhere because they want to make sure the water is the right temperature, baby is comfortable, they're washing baby correctly, and lots of other worries. All of these concerns are important but its nothing to stress about. Below are a few tips to help you with bath time for baby.

  • Purchase baby tub thermometers to help make sure the water is the right temp, or if you're lucky you'll already have a baby tub that has a built in thermometer. 

  • Sing songs or talk to baby while giving baby a bath. Some babies aren't too happy when they are getting a bath so a soft song or soft words can help soothe baby while getting a bath. 

  • Purchase bath toys. A few squeaky ducks may catch babies attention in the tub. A ball or something you can shake and make noise may do the job too.

  • Don't forget to wash behind babies ears, under neck, under arms, or any creases. If you have a baby with a lot of creases be sure to wash in between those little creases. It can get pretty stinky in creases but don't worry it happens. Milk can get underneath babies neck or behind babies ears if baby drinks while laying down and when the milk gets trapped into creases it doesn't smell to well, so be sure to clean those spots. 
Those were just a few helpful tips. You're the New Momma so as times goes on you'll know exactly what to do for you and baby to be comfortable during bath time. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Diapers and Diaper Rashes

As a New Momma you're probably debating on what brand of diapers to use. Its no secret that Huggies and Pampers are the top brands around and they are more expensive than other brands but sometimes cost isn't always a case. You can purchase cheaper brands because some babies don't poop or pee as much as other babies, so cheaper brands does the job pretty well. If you're a momma on a budget than cheaper brands would be your best option as well. If for some reason your baby develops a rash on the skin from a certain brand than you should definitely switch brands no matter if the price will go up. You can download buy and sell sites like Offer Up and get higher brand diapers for lower cost. The average person on buy and sell sites are looking for quick bucks and quick sells so you will most likely get a good deal for a cheaper price. Also take into consideration that it may be hard to find your babies size sometimes on buy and sell sites. Just go with your mother instincts and choose a diaper brand that's suitable for your pockets and your babies bottom. Don't beat yourself down if you can't afford expensive brands, it's okae. As long as your baby has diapers to put on you're the best momma ever. You can also try cloth diapers if you're and old fashioned momma and you'd prefer diapering baby in a more traditional way. You would definitely save money this way.

Diaper Rashers are pretty irritating and can be painful to babies depending on how severe the rash is but don't panic, its not uncommon and it happens sometimes. Certain things that cause diaper rashes is if you're not changing baby diaper frequent enough, diarrhea, etc . To prevent rashes you can change babies diaper as soon as baby poops or pees and you can also purchase diaper rash ointments that are for preventing rashes as well as healing them.

Desitin Maximum strength works really well and A and D ointments works well too. I'll post some links of those for the New Mommas.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Breast Feeding VS Bottle Feeding

Depending on a woman's life style she will know if breastfeeding or formula feeding is her best option. Some women work jobs that keeps them busy all the time so formula is their best option and some women are stay at home moms so breastfeeding is perfect for them. The list below will provide the perks of breastfeeding and the perks of formula feeding and you'll probably be able to make a decision of what's best for you and baby once you have read the list.

Breastfeeding Perks

  • You don't have to wake up and make bottles.
Whether you're a new momma or not, you've probably already heard from other women that you're going to be up during the night once you're home from the hospital with your new born baby. If you're not a stay up late kind of momma and you like to get your rest, than breastfeeding can possibly help you to get more rest. Reason being is once baby wakes up during the night to eat, making a bottle will make baby more fussy because baby has to wait instead of instantly eating. Making baby more fussy will make it harder to put baby back to sleep. Choosing to breastfeed will have milk ready for baby, all u have to do is turn baby on the side and turn on your side facing baby and simply insert nipple into babies mouth for feeding. This is very quick and it allows you to quickly feed baby without making baby real fussy. 

  • You don't have to pay for milk
If you're a momma on a budget, you're a teen momma, you're a momma who doesn't want to spend your money on formula, etc , then breastfeeding will be good for you. Its free of charge and as long as your baby is nursing your body will continue to produce milk. 

  • Its healthy for baby 
Breastfeeding is very healthy for baby. It has some nutrients that formula doesn't supply to baby. If you search "the benefits of breastfeeding" on the web, all sorts of important information will pop up for you. 

  • Your baby is born premature or any other developmental issues or illnesses 
If your baby is born with any complications, breastfeeding would be best for you, due to your body being able to supply the nutrients your baby will need. If this is your case 9 out of 10 your doctor will recommend breast milk for your baby. 

Formula Feeding Perks

  • You can pack up bottles of water and just add formula. 
If you're a momma on the go, formula might be your best option. All you have to do is pack up bottles with water and add the formula when your baby is ready to eat. You don't have to worry about freezing and thawing breast milk for your baby. You're on the go so you won't have time to do so. 

  • You can't breastfeed due to a health issue, your body stops producing enough milk, or etc. 
Formula would be your best option if for some reason this is your situation. 

  • You're a new momma and your baby is having trouble latching on or you are having trouble latching your baby on. For some reason you just cant get baby latched on properly once you leave the hospital. 

There are lots of more breastfeeding vs formula feeding tips but here are just some to help you with your suggestion on what will be best for you and baby. 

Hospital Stay After Delivery

Knowing that you're days or weeks away from being a New Momma, you're probably wondering what items you'll need to bring to the hospital when you're in labor. It's not uncommon for a New Momma not to know these things, so here is a list of all things you'll need for baby during your stay at the hospital. 

  • New Born onesies 
  • Diapers and wipes are optional because most hospitals provide them.
  • Sanitized baby bottles if you aren't going to breastfeed baby.
  • Pacifiers if you have a particular brand you want baby to use.
  • Take home outfit
  • Swaddlers if you aren't comfortable with the swaddle blanket the hospital has, you can purchase swaddle blankets that are designed specifically for swaddling babies.
  • Baby wash cloth in case u may need to wipe baby face. Sometimes milk can get around baby mouth and under babies neck so you may have to wipe baby.
  • Baby comb and brush 
  • Baby lotion and wash
  • Baby Bibs
  • Baby Socks
  • Burp Cloth

Most of the things listed above will most likely be provided by the hospital but some women like to have everything prepared in their bag just in case. Its nothing wrong with wanting to have everything your baby needs while also being open to what the hospital will provide.

Single New Momma You're days away from being a new momma or you're already a new momma and you're feeling alone and dep...